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One of the pitfalls of agriculture is its strategy of managing symptoms. As stated by the late Charles Walters of ACRES USA, farming techniques are, “toxic rescue chemistry”. Many conventional as well as organic agronomers grow plants at the expense of the soil.

Pests and disease are attracted to imbalanced soil and the weak plants it produces, much the way illness besets humans who don’t get enough to eat. Fortify the weakened system and immunity will be restored.

We work to strengthen the entire ecosystem for primal soil health, thriving and nutrient dense foodstuffs and optimal financial returns.  Profitability, both financial and nutritional, is far more sustainable with a thriving, well-established ecosystem. 

Environotics products make an ideal contribution to acreage farming. Our products are concentrated, and they introduce vital microbial life and diverse mineral inputs for strengthening the entire ecosystem.